Title: Pets 
Author: woohyun
Rating: G
Genre: Comedy
Paring: Hoya/OC
Summary: First time lover's Quarrel.
A/N: First Fic. It's a One shot dedicated to my friend.

               "Oh my god Hoya! Stop it!"  Songyi giggly shouted. "Get your dog away from me, i don't want Nammy slobbering all over me" she said opposingly as she saw the dog licking his genital earlier. While Songyi was trying to escape Nammy's excessively damp dirty tongue full of  saliva, she stepped on something soft and squishy. "EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW" She disgustingly cried, "How can you not clean after your dog Hoya! and I am wearing my new pair of Chanel Flip flop". "I'm sorry Songsong, i didn't know he did his business there" Hoya said embarrassingly while eyeing his dog. "You know what? I'm going home and clean this mess your dog did." "Don't even bother texting nor calling me until you straighten up that troll dog of yours!" Songyi angrily demanded with a talk to the hand gesture. As she was about to storm off, she saw Nammy from the side of her eye snicker like he was laughing at her. She had to do a double take to be sure she wasn't just seeing things, so she did and saw the dog back to licking his doggy genitals. 
                  That night, Songyi's phone vibrated, she checked it, a text message from Hoya. She rolled her eyes before reading the text.
From: My Lake
                 "Songsong! T^T im really really sorry about the thing earlier. I already gave Nammy a lesson, i tied him in his doggy house outside, you know how much he hates the outdoors. So forgive me? ^o^     Love yah! ♥"
                    After reading Hoya's text message, Songyi felt a little better. *squeak squeak* "Oh! Sorry Gyu! i forgot to give you your favorite mid-night snack" as she cooed to her Hamster Gyu. Her Hamster loves eating Songyi's personal favorite cereal,Cheerios. Coming back from the kitchen with Gyu's snack, she took him out of his pretty Hamster cage. "Here you go Gyu." placing him and some bits of cereal on lap. Songyi loves taking selca so as her Hamster is feeding on his snack, she took some pictures of herself with different pose. Suddenly, she felt something warm on her lap. She yelped " Oh no!" she hurriedly put Gyu back to his cage and saw a yellowish wet spot on her white shorts with little black objects near it. "Why does this always happen to me! WHY!"